My fur baby got 3 … or how fast time goes by

Anyone who follows my page for a while longer knows that I’m the proud mom of a cute Shiba dog. Mizuki came to us in October 2015 and we could never imagine life without her again. From an early age she has accompanied me everywhere and has also participated in my shootings very often.

At first she was easy to get involved in Shootings. She had fun learning new tricks and taking care of the usual OOOps moments in PinUps. But with growing up and the first heat, that changed unfortunately and now Mizuki prefers to stay at home and lies lazily on the couch when Mommy is on the way to the shoot.

But the greater the joy when mom comes home again. No love is soooo real, like a dog’s. And Shibas are the drama queens in every sense of the word, so there’s always loud screaming and cackling and wild butt-wagging when Mama unlocks the door. A fun spectacle that always awaits me at home, no matter if I’m traveling half an hour or ten hours.

I look forward to many more years with my drama queen and wish all my fans that they also have an animal in their lives that enriches and embellishes their everyday lives.

Your´s Grace

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And then the world goes wild in front of your door

Today I have to write a political statement, because my hometown Chemnitz has made it to sad international fame. Briefly the background: during a city festival there was a stabbing. Since the participants were non-German descent, the media abused the issue and right-wing groups used it as a reason for marches and demonstrations. In the course of this there were riots in our city for days, involving hooligans from other parts of Germany.

Where media first put the focus on the alleged “murder” by foreigners and thus fueled hatred unnecessarily, Chemnitz is now presented as a fascist and xenophobic. Chemnitz is by no means right-wing radical. There are no more right-wing political forces in our city than elsewhere. Here, deliberately violent chaotic people from all over Germany were “brought in” to make the situation escalate. Where do non-local hooligans take the right to riot in our city? By what right are right-wing populist forces allowed to hunt down people of other descent? I distance myself vehemently from any thoughts of hate. That’s just horrible.

It may be that the original act was a crime by foreigners. But does such acts not happen elsewhere in Germany sameway by Germans under the influence of alcohol? What makes foreigners worse people than Germans? I am deeply shocked. Especially how media with the most primitive headlines can cause such an escalation and then exploit it for their own purposes. Really sad in which world we live in which a deceased person (who, by the way, was also not a German) is used as a pawn sacrifice for minor machinations.

Poor Germany.

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Too hot…

The summer cooks Germany and it is just too hot to think clearly rational thoughts. Therefore, here is the first transmission break.

Should I not melt away at the mere attempt of movement (including breathing), I will return to my blog.

Until then you will find me in the outdoor pool in the cool water.


Your’s Grace

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It sucks …

Anyone who follows my pages / accounts on Facebook and Instagram has probably already noticed that I provide my latest posts with the nice word “advertising”. One or the other may also have noticed the post in which I expressed my frustration with the General Data Protection Regulation, (GDPR) and the associated rules for social media site operators. It’s just annoying to live in Germany / Europe and to share his hobby with the public.

The problem? Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WordPress and Co. keep statistics about the visitors and store their IP addresses and activity behavior. However, this is not allowed in Germany without first informing the user and asking for permission. Social media operators are usually located outside the area of influence of these laws and are thus not liable. As a site operator, I have no influence on the data usage behavior, but I’m in the liability, because I “help” to collect data. I can´t do anything against – except maybe delete my pages and accounts. Strictly speaking, I break laws with my hobby.

Now you might think that everyone who joins Facebook and Co. will be notified when registering for this data usage and thus gives his consent. Unfortunately the courts are very different and at the moment the whole situation is rather spongy and hard to judge. Facebook z.Bsp. wants to come up with something in the near future, so that side operators are no longer with one leg in prison, but when …?

The second problem is the possible classification of my contributions as surreptitious advertising. Actually, I do not advertise and usually buy my clothes and accessories myself. When I link the brands, so that like-minded people also have the opportunity to buy these great things. Almost an exchange of interests. However, that too is strictly punishable in Germany, because I could be considered as an “influencer”. And when I mark/link the photographer (with whom I have a shooting agreement and which I link because the contract is so regulated) or also shops and designers, I do advertising. So now I underwrite my posts with the word “Werbung” (German for Advertising) even if I find that really idiotic. Anyone who cares about my clothes or my cooperations and follows the link is usually aware of what he’s doing there.

How simple it seems to be for Models in other countries, for example from the USA. I follow many girls with the same hobbies and they post and link quite carefree. Luckily – so I have the opportunity to get inspiration and shopping suggestions. In other countries, social media may still be what it is meant to be: a platform to exchange ideas and communicate freely away from the liver.

In that sense, I hope that I can not get in trouble for my hobby and continue to share my passion with you. Because I love that too much.


– Attention! Werbung! – Dress andPhoto: Overaftervintage via Etsy

Your´s Grace

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Let it go …

Some of you have certainly seen on my Facebook page, that I sell a large part of my shooting outfits. Surely you are wondering why I do that? From many friends and followers came worried questions, but also encouraging messages. Yes, maybe I’ll fit into my old clothes soon. And yes, there are many memories of really great shooting events. And yes – it also hurts to let go of my beloved treasures. But …

Screenshot of my Facebook Page

… my reasons are so much more important. As I wrote in my last blog post I am working on my fitness, but I love my body how it is. It is not important for me to fit in my old dresses again. Even better: now I have enough space for new treasures and can create new, great photos with new outfits. It’s good to fill my new life with new content and let go of the past.


Photo: Christina Becker Photography

It is also important that you can NOT be controlled by material things. And for me, the last look in my wardrobe was self-stealing. It hurt me that they just hang around and I could not carry them. And the question of whether they would ever fit again – why should I torture myself with it? It took me a bit of overcoming to release the album, which was already set up in March, but how much joy does it make me now to see that I can make other girls happy with it.

And so I pack one package after another with a laughing and a crying eye. Bye, you beloved and eagerly collected favorite parts – I’ll miss you! But many great photos will remind me of you and no one can take memories from me. And with every package I send out, and every dress I let go, I let go of the compulsion to squeeze myself into some kind of norms. I let go and my heart is getting lighter – that’s just fantastic.


Photo: Dirk´s Photography

I send you love

Your´s Grace

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About struggling with my body after pregnancy

The body of my life – I had it. After setting the goal to myself to become lighter and fitter so that I could be more successful as a show dancer, I switched my diet to low carb at the beginning of 2017 . In addition to the twice weekly trainings with my dance group I went extra 2 to 3 times to the gym. With success. I felt fitter, better – lighter. I felt fantastic.


My main goal in 2017 was my calendar shoot with Carlos Kella for the “Girls and legendary US Cars Calendar 2018”. And I made it. At the beginning of June 2017, his team and me headed to the island of Römö in Denmark and I was allowed to pose – beside other outfits – in bikini with an old hotrod. A dream came true. I felt sexy and great.


The joy did not last long, because shortly thereafter I learned of my little surprise: a baby was on the way. And I struggled a lot with this news – I had already built a great life with job, modeling, family and dance group. So again from the beginning? My “big daughter” was already 11 years old and relatively independent. How would she cope with the news? Would I be able to continue dancing and modeling? How should I master this? And anyway – what will become of my body?

Fortunately, with the growing belly came the anticipation for the baby, and on the 3rd of February in 2018 it was time – our little boy was born. Healthy and strong he was and I was proud that my body had mastered this with flying colors.


At first, my thoughts, as with any freshly baked mother, turned only to diapers, breastfeeding and managing the new family situation. But gradually the desire came back to be in front of the camera and also to become more active again. And there it was again, the question: can I still do that? Can I model and dance with 10 kilos more and a condition like a sack of flour? (laugh) Do I want to force myself again to healthy diet and a lot of sports?


I do not know yet, I will tell you. But even with a little more hip and belly flab, I feel great. I have a great, strong baby thanks to my body. I like to overlook the flab. I love myself. I love my body with all its quirks. And I enjoy the power that is inherent in him. And he shows me every day anew. And for more fitness and inner balance, I enjoy my yoga every morning on my terrace and long walks with my dog.


My message: no matter whether you are quarreling with your body and your destiny, be grateful for what life gives you and pay more attention to the positive things in your life. Because there are far too many negative things. Every day before bedtime, think of something positive that has happened to you today and love you the way you are. Feel hugged. Namaste –

Yours Grace

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Oh Maria …

Have you already spotted the new collection of Vive Maria? Anyone who has looked at the Napo Shop after my last blogpost, has certainly seen it. I especially love the floral prints of the sleepwear. So I ordered a delicate lingerie set for hot summer nights. Even the packaging makes girls’ hearts beat faster <3.


The Flower Girl Set with its ruffles, lace and bows fits exactly to me. On the one hand it is very playful, on the other hand it is seductive. Vive Maria has thus lived up to its second name “Forbidden Couture”. The Flower Girl Set goes perfectly with the flowery season. So I went out into nature with my photographer Wolfgang Göpfert, to show you great pictures of my new favorite piece.


Incidentally, Vive Maria is the fashion label of the Berlin designer Simone Franze. All patterned fabrics are designed by herself and produced exclusively for Vive Maria. You can order Vive Maria at Nastrovje Potsdam (



WITH THE GUEST CODE >>>>> grace-glamor-10 >>>>> YOU GET UP TO 31.05.2019 10% DISCOUNT ON YOUR ORDER on – ALSO APPLIES TO REDUCED GOODS! Have fun shopping!

Yours Grace

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ZIG ZAG – I love it <3

As announced, I would like to introduce you to some of my beloved outfits and favorite shops. Girls just love the exchange about it and absorb information, tips and trends about where to get the absolute “musthave”. If you’re one of my male followers, then these tips are great for your dreamgirl. Do her a little joy and give her a present 😉


Today I introduce you to the “Zig Zag Dress” from the current collection of Pussy Deluxe. This airy light summer dress is really adorable. The fabric is pleasantly soft and easy to wear. Just perfect for warm summer days. The retro pattern is an absolute eye-catcher. I have received many great compliments for it. It’s best to combine it with a gaudy eye-catcher – my red lipstick from Mac Cosmetics gives the perfect look.


I got the dress from the Napo shop (Nastrovje Postdam). In addition to Pussy Deluxe, the online shop also has the brand Vive Maria and licensed products with motifs from TV series such as Vikings, The Walking Dead, etc. in its portfolio. Just have a look – you will surely find something. Incidentally, the Napo Shop ships within EU and the USA.

ATTENTION !!!!!!!!

WITH THE GUEST CODE >>>>> grace-glamor-10 >>>>> YOU WILL RECEIVE 10% DISCOUNT UPON 31.05.2019 ON YOUR ORDER – ALSO APPLIES TO REDUCED GOODS! Have fun shopping!

Yours Grace

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Back again!

Hello again!

It’s been ages since I have posted anything – I’m really sorry. Now I could hide behind excuses or openly admit, that the blog just was not that important for me for a while. Anyone following my page on Facebook and my profile on Instagram may have noticed that Grace has become mom again. And although I enjoy this role as well, I would like to comeback and be more active. Nevertheless I have worked on a secret project in the background, but the implementation is very complicated and therefore this is delayed for an indefinite period. Should one of my readers feel called upon to help me with a technical problem in the website / blog design, he is welcome to contact me. 🙂

Well enough talked about – Grace is back! What do I want to do here? On the one hand, I would like to share with you more of my experiences and, on the other, I will introduce you to outfits and shops that are really recommendable. You may be curious. I hope I am more consistent in the future. If you don´t read something new for a long time, just write me an email. I am always happy about post.

So that you not only have something to read, but also to watch, here´s a recent picture from my latest shoot with marx_girl. For that we went to a nearby forest. The colors are just wonderfully gaudy. The dress by Zeta Ville, the bracelet by Splendette and the hair flowers by Sophisticated Lady Hairflowers are a perfect match. The perfect look for a beautiful sunny day.

Enjoy the sun.

Yours Grace

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Places to dream of and dreams that come true

Hello my dears,

some of you have already read on Facebook that I had a somewhat unusual shooting at a very special place some time ago. I was allowed to take part of a huge photo event – organized by “Buypixels Photography”. Three photographers with teams of 2-3 models, make-up artists, assistants, accompanying documentation by video and photo and elaborate costumes – it sounded like a great challenge. But what made the whole thing even more delightful was the planned location.



The old citybath in Leipzig is a so-called Lost Place. A deserted place, who knows how to tell many stories for sure. The extraordinary architecture in Art Nouveau style with colonnades, intricate patterns with gold ornaments, wall mosaics and a fantastically beautiful Oriental Steambath attracts every year crowds of photographers  to shoot there. So Dennis of “Buypixels Photography”, who then organized the Project. I was especially pleased that I could be part of it.



Arrived at a pretty cool day in March I first checked the location and the local situation. I was immediately in love with the architecture, because old buildings have always fascinated me, and here I found clearly a pot of gold. A gem, prevailed in hectic already. Makeup Artists painted frozen models, photographers put their lighting technic on and in between the one or another assistant giving a helping hand … I was on fire – I wanted to get started.


The lovely Jessica Stay of “makeupmadebyjessy” was already waiting for me with brushes and climbers to change completely my whole optic. My rather delicate hair should become a voluminous crepe hairstyle – a mega challenge that could only be mastered with tons of hairspray. A Makeup that was fitting the first costume in bronze tones was the next step. The lovely Steffi helped me then to get into the outfit with an intricately decorated corsage. And that all by felt 10 degrees minus. I was already frozen, before the shooting even begun.


The first set was the old woman swimming hall. When the object was built, women and men had to go swim separately. The women side is already very destroyed. The plaster was crumbling from the walls and columns. Everywhere was rubble and in the middle of the great hall there was the big blue tiled swimming pool, which had its best days long ago. A dream for every Lost Place lover. Together with Andy from “Head Light Pictures” as assistant the talented Dennis – “Buypixels Photography” put me in scene. A very amusing episode, when I should sit on the edge of the pool and Dennis offered me his comparatively tiny hat for my huge bare bottom to protect it against cold and dirt. I hardly  laughed. Here is the picture showing the dark princess. I love it because it exudes glamour and authority in equal measure. And everyone who was there, knows how much discipline and perfectionism was necessary for that image. A wonderful result.


Then we had a complete makeover. The next costume was kept in a gorgeous blue and Jessy made a new hairstyle and a new makeup fitting to it. Even Rhinestones decorated my skin and little blue birds sitted in my hair. A quickly new paint for the nails and here we go to the next set  –  the Oriental Steam Bath. Wow – this set I love most. In the portico at the entrance we created a wonderful picture with a fog machine and many helpers to throw parts of my dress. This photo embodies both elegance and passion. I think it’s just fantastic.


We were accompanied throughout the whole day by a videographer and “Poser Photography” burning the scenario in photos. The result is a wonderful Making of video that I really want you to see. Follow the link:

Without the help of many many hardworking assistants and without perfect Teamwork such great results would have been impossible. Therefore many thanks to all involved. I will remember this day forever and will frame these images on my wall  Thanks for a fantastic day. Here you can see the whole project team.


Finally my thanks go especially to

Photo : Buypixels Photography (
MUAH: makeupmadebyjessy (
Costumes: Cora von Herzen (
Assistance: Fingerspitzengefühl (
Light-Assistance: Headlight Pictures (

BTS-Pictures: Poser Photography (


And to “Förderverein Altes Stadtbad Leipzig” for that amazing location and the object pictures (


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